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Antermoia Tour

Take the path n. 583 towards Scalette Pass (there is a short "via ferrata"), mt 2400; then continue to Laussa Pass (mt. 2720) and to Antermoia Refuge (mt. 2497). To come back take the path n. 584 towards Antermoia Pass (mt. 2769) and go down to Principe Pass (mt. 2600), next to Vajolet Refuge (mt. 2243) and then to Gardeccia (m. 1949). Duration 7.15 hrs. Quite difficult due to the short "via ferrata" and to the lenght of the route. Beautiful and evocative.

Catinaccio Route

This route goes around all the central Catinaccio. Departure from Gardeccia, take path n. 550 to Coronelle Pass (mt. 2630), go down to A.Fronza refuge until the crossway with path to Santner Pass. There is little "via ferrata" (you can find some snow at the beginning of the summer season) and you arrive at Santner Pass, where you can find the homonumous refuge (mt. 2741). really scenic spot. Go down (path 542), after 15 minutes you will arrive at the bottom of Vajolet Towers near Re Alberto- Gartl  Refuge (mt. 2621). Go down to Vajolet and Preuss Refuge, and then to Gardeccia. Duration 6-7 hrs. Take the necessary equipment.

Cigolade Route

Leave from Gardeccia and take path n. 540 towards Negritella and Ciampedie Refuge. Continue on path n. 545 until Roda de Vael Refuge and Marino Pederiva Refuge (mt. 2283). Take path n. 541 to Cigolade Pass (mt. 2561) Descend until the junction leading directly to Gardeccia on the right side or continue on n. 541 until the crossway with the path to Coronelle Pass. Take path n. 550 on the right until Gardeccia Refuge. Duration 5 hrs. Panoramic hiking, not difficult. 

Path for experienced hikers "Bepo de Medil" For “Pala de Mesdì”

Very beautiful and panoramic path, traced in 1930 by the alpine guide and manager of the Gardeccia refuge, Giuseppe Desilvestro, called Bepo de Medil.
It begins behind the hut : the path crosses the Ruf de Soal and climbs up among the mountain pines, it gets into a very rough canal, therefore turns to the right into a narrow and wild small gully(here there is a short stretch of equipped path). After emerging to the sun  it proceeds on easy small rocks, only at the end there are two delicate narrow passages between the rocks; the path then goes up again on a ridge until the so called “Pala de mesdì” (m.2758), where there is a wooden cross blessed by Don Tita Soraruf in memory of the dead of all the wars.
Descent: the path returns on the final ridge and it turns right toward the Larsec Valley. It continues towards the Scalette Pass (where there is a small "via ferrat") N° 583 or for the Pope pass.

Duration 5h30.

Suggestions: not suitable for everybody, wild ground and little frequented path. You have to do it uphill and with beautiful and settled weather. There can be some snow in the small gully  at the beginning of the summer season. Ask information about the conditions before departing.

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