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VIE FERRATE: Equipped routes: in the gardeccia area there are more via ferratas: the tows sides of Catinaccio of Antermoia (mt. 3004), Santner Pass, Majarè, and Roda de Vael, Scalette Pass and the Laurenzi.

Ask information at the refuge or at the mountain guides.

CLIMBING: In the Catinaccio area , Vajolet Towers, and Larsech developed climbing in Fassa Valley. More of famous alpinists, like Tita Piaz, Steger, Preuss and other, climbed our mountains.

There are more of 600 climbs.

A series of sketch about some new rail are listed below, most of that aren't brought in any guide yet.

Who had some report and it wanted to see it published you can send the report to the mail of our shelter, it will be a pleasure to publish it and to make it available for everybody.

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