The mountain is for everybody, not only for the mountain climber: for those people that want to stay in the quiet as for those people that look for even more a rest in the exertion

The refuge in the summer, between
nature and Sun
Rifugio Gardeccia is the ideal starting point  for a vacation full off tranquillity, emotions and adrenaline.  We can suggest you many tours to do by yourself or if you prefer accompanied by our mountain guide Cristian Dallapozza.
Living the Dolomites

Open from 04.06.2021

to 03.10.2021

Climbing route


How to reach us

  • From "Pera di Fassa" up to the refuge with bus shuttle. Ideal for the one who has hurry to go in high altitude and to advance in the Vajolet Valley, in the Catinaccio's Group or for the one that must go baggages to sojourn in the shelter

  •  From Pera di Fassa with the  chair lift (three trunks) you arrive in Ciampedie, from here you have to continue on foot for about 45 minutes on the simple path N° 540. This way is ideal for those who are not in a hurry and want to enjoy the panorama quietly sat on a chair lift.

From  12-06-2021 to 19/09/2021


  •     From Vigo di Fassa by cable car up to Ciampedie. From here you have to continue  on foot for abound 45 minutes on the simple path N° 540.

From  29-05-2021 to 10/10/2021






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