The mountains are the great cathedrals of the earth, with their rock portals, the mosaics of clouds, the choirs of the streams, the snow altars, the purple vaults sparkling with stars.

Living the Dolomites




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Di Desilvestro Marco e Mario
38036 Pozza di Fassa TN 
Tel 0462.763.152 - Fax 0462.763.152
Cell. 335.74.32.677 - 335.74.32.676
P.IVA 01095970222

Winter accesses:

  • From “Pera di Fassa” you can go up by car to Monzon and then you continue up to Soial on clean road (important: the prohibition of transit has been moved by Monzon to Soial, now you all can enter with the car until the beginning of the road covered by snow) and than you can continue by foot  on the road covered by snow and well wisecrack, or you can choose a path in the wood ideal for the passionate of “ciaspole”. Possible return in sled, according to the conditions of snowfall.

  • From "Vigo di Fassa" by funicular railway to continue then passing for Pian Pecei, toward the Gardeccia along the Path of the Legends.

Summer accesses:

  • From "Pera di Fassa" up to the refuge with bus shuttle. Ideal for the one who has hurry to go in high altitude and to advance in the Vajolet Valley, in the Catinaccio's Group or for the one that must go baggages to sojourn in the shelter.

  • From "Pera di Fassa" in chair lift (three trunks) even to the Campediè refuge  to continue  by foot for about 45 minutes on the comfortable path N°  540. Ideal for the one who is not in a hurry and  wants to enjoy the panorama quietly sat in chair lift.

From  12-06-2021 to 19-09-2021


  • From "Vigo di Fassa"  by funicular railway up to the Ciampediè refuge to continue by foot on (around 45 minutes) the path N°  540.

From  29-05-2021 to 10-10-2021