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The mountain offers us the frame ... it's up to us to invent the story that goes with it!

The path of the Legends

The path of the legend is a really unique itinerary, because the six legends that you can find along it tell the story about the surrounding mountains: Ciampedie, Mugoni, Catinaccio, Lagehtto d’Antermoia, Dirupi di Larsech.

It is a family-friendly path, ideal for families with children and elders, because mountain it is not only for mountaineers and climbers.

During the winter season it is also a good alternative for those who don’t want to ski but still want to spend some time walking in the snow with boots or snow shoes.

Both in summer and in winter the “Path of the legends” offers you the possibility to live a special adventure, immersing yourself in the legends and traditions of a unique population and its mountains.

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